Premium Bandai HGUC 1/144 Gundam Moon Varguil Model Kit

by Bandai
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release on: 2020-05-30

“The phototype of Moon Gundam”


HGUC 1/144 model kit series is going to bring you the

AMS-123X Varguil in April 2020!


Mecha background

The AMS-123X Varguil is a mobile suit from Mobile Suit Moon Gundam. It is piloted by Agos Lagarto. The Varguil was a prototype MS that incorporated next generation Psycommu technology. However this technology was later stripped and replaced with a more conventional Psycommu cockpit. It uses a generator 1.5 times more powerful than a Geara Doga's and has Gundarium alloy armor.


Product features

--The head, funnel, container are reproduced with new molding, and the characteristic purple main body coloring is also reproduced by molding color.


--The characteristic head of this mobile suit with the mono-eye is recreated by new molding.


--The Funnel container is able to store three funnels on each side of this model kit.


--The backpack is equipped with a new modeling

propellant tank.


--Various weapons such as funnel, beam rifle, beam tomahawk are included with it.


--The six funnels injected from the backpack with new modeling


--Marking sticker that remakes the marks of various places is included.


--It is a 1/144 model kit, made of PS material, suitable for 8 years old and above.


Product content

Piece to build


Beam Tomahawk

Beam Rifle

Butterfly Edge





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