RG Regular General-Purpose Humanoid Battle Weapon Evangelion Test-Type 01 Plastic Model

by Bandai
RM321.50 MYR
SKU 4573102589255

“Eva unit 1, Take off!”


The Mecha from the famous Anima: Evangelion will be released as RG model kit on March next year!


Mecha background

Evangelion Unit-1 is the first non-prototype Evangelion unit, and is referred to as the "Test Type". It houses the soul of Shinji's mother, Yui Ikari. It is the only EVA to be born from Lilith. Following its going berserker and eating of Zeruel's S² Engine, it was the only Evangelion able to go without an umbilical cable until the construction of the Mass Production Evangelions.


Product features

The excellent RG articulation is featured with this model kit, allowing Eva unit 1 to do most of the anime pose such as running, fighting.


Additional hands will come with RG Eva unit 1 to increase the posebility.  Holding the gun or knife will be easily done by it.


The complete painting is featured with some body parts like the horn and arms. The painting is quite anime accurate.


Realistic decals are included in this model kit box; therefore, you are able to further embellish Eva unit 1.


Additional accessory will also be included such as progressive knife, palette rifle and umbilical cable. This enable this model it to create the classic scene from the anime.


Product contents

--Progressive Knife x2 types (normal & stored)

--Palette Rifle x1

--Hand part (left & right) x6 types for each

--Umbilical cable x1

--Realistic decals x1


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