Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-00 Metal Fusion Animation 10th Anniversary Set

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[TakaraTomy Mall Limited] Beyblade Burst B-00 Metal Fight Beyblade Animation 10th Anniversary Set

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the “Metal Fight Beyblade” anime, five types of Beyblade appeared as a Beyblade burst version!
Appeared in a special specification of Storm Pegassis, Lightning El Drago, Flame Sagittario, Earth Aquila, and Rock Leone that reproduced the colors of the time!
In addition, two types of launchers that reproduce the colors of the time are also included!
Inside the commemorative box is a new illustration drawn by Takafumi Adachi!

This set includes "Storm Pegasis.10G.Qc '", which is a remake of "Storm Pegasis" used by the main character of the anime "Manga Steel Ginga". "Drago 10R.Z '", "Flame Sagittario 8'.C", "Rock Leone 0.M", "Earth Aquila 2.Y" are enclosed. These 5 points are made according to the standard of “Beyblade Burst” and are designed to burst. Furthermore, each Beyblade is painted and finished in luxurious specifications.

here are two types of attached launchers: “Bay Launcher” dedicated to right rotation and “Bay Launcher L” dedicated to left rotation.
"Bay Launcher" reproduces the coloring and design of the launcher of "Storm Pegasis" released in 2009, and "Bay Launcher L" reproduces the coloring and design of the launcher of "Lightning El Drago" released in the same year. 

This product is enclosed in a luxurious package with a door that has the “Metal Fight Beyblade” logo stamped on it. On the inside of the package, a new illustration drawn by Mr. Takafumi Adachi, the creator of the comic "Metal Fight Beyblade", is drawn only for this product.

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